Our movement studio wants to inspire you for a new body awareness.

You will come into your strength and force, discover new ways and possibilities to fill your life with vitality, power, health and joy of life.
We offer a wide range movement types for your body, mind and soul to increase your fitness and inner strength, give you energies and to activate your self-healing powers.

And you can really enjoy it! It is suitable for everyone, no matter how old, how trained or rhythmically gifted.

Vibes is a contemporary movement studio where Eastern and Western philosophies converge. In the heart of Vienna, in a former enveloping factory, we have found a place to turn our vision into reality.

The heart of our training is NIA, a long-proven method of exercise that trains all the muscles of your body. NIA incorporates the latest scientific insights about the body and has been used by people around the world for many years enthusiastically. We are ready to share our many years of experience with you.

In our lessons you will find dynamic, gentle and meditative forms of movement suitable for everyone.


Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator


Nobody really knows what you are capable of until you try it.

Consciousness allows you to change everything that you think you can’t and change and create everything you desire in a different and simpler way. The goal is to create a world of awareness, mindfulness and oneness in which everything exists and is not judged.



Are you curious about what happens when new experiences make you feel better and better every day? You will find the answer when you join us and through your own “being there”.

- Curiosity allows you to experience yourself again and again and in particular to get to know hidden things in you.


Inspiration is an elixir of life. Inspiration is the breather of mind and soul. An inspired life is a lived life, independent, self-determined and completely liberated from everything. But also, to do what we really want and above all, to do what we are destined to do.
In short, inspiration means taking the liberty of living life consciously.


You’ll find it here with us even if you do not bring it yourself. In the end, you’ll take it home.

To find joy, to feel joy, to share joy makes life worth living. Joy to discover, to cultivate, to experience more intensively, to feel the feeling of elation and to feel joy tickling under your skin lies in the true nature of man.

Joy is pure rejuvenation.


Look at which courses help you the most. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our program - or you can just drop by our timetable and pick the right movement units for you. We are looking forward to being with you.