Vibes Online NIA classes

We also offer classes for you during the COVID-19 break.
You can book single lessons to relax and activate yourself. Find your vibes, and try yourself out – you decide the intensity.

We like to share with you before and after class, listen to comments, how you are doing, what you like or what could be better. That’s why we navigate the ZOOM platform to keep moving, healthy and connected. Our meeting room will be open 15 minutes before class starts so you have time to check the technology. So if our hour starts at 17:00, we will be available from 16:45. If you want to be visible then turn on your camera, if not then feel free to turn it off. Don’t worry, we will see who is there and we can chat before and after the hour and are thus connected.
We want to create a new way of communication and closeness in the current time that demands increased distance and separation from us. Staying connected in the community is very important to stay healthy on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We can write, message, talk and share with each other. With this platform we can do all that. When you register for a lesson, you will get a link from us and that will redirect you directly to the lesson on the platform ZOOM. Don’t worry, it’s very easy 🙂


Here you can find some introductions if you haven´t used Zoom yet. If you need any help please let us know.


Drop in: If you would like to book a single class: 12 Euro, for 6 times it´s 60 Euro.

As soon as we get the payment you will receive all information on how to participate.

Zoom Online Training Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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